Our Specialty

Create lease schedules quickly and easily

  • Finance lease, chatal mortgages, hire purchase and AASB16
  • Calculates interest daily, four weekly, monthly or quarterly compound period
  • Interest in advance or assears
  • Balloning payment schedules
  • Ability to pay leases out early
  • Ability to refinance leases

Cloud-based lease accounting

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Journal Automation

  • Journals are created with the click of a button
  • Can be uploaded to Xero, QuickBooks or Excel
  • Prior journals can be re-run even if it is last year

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.
There is no limit to the number of registers within a license. The restriction is the number of active leases on registers.
Yes. Leases can be created starting at any date. If there are leases in prior financial years care needs to be taken before the first Lease Manager journal is posted. Run a journal to the prior year end but do not post it. If needed post a journal in your General Ledger to bring it in line with Lease Manager. After that is done Lease Manager journals can be posted to the General Ledger.
Yes. From the View Leases screen view the lease click Payout then check the refinance box. Then select the lease again from the list of leases and click Refinance.
Yes, if you rerun a prior journal all the subsequent journals will be deleted in LeaseManager. You will need to reverse the journals within your accounting system.